L01 with built-in el-shaft system

L01 – Compact, rugged and combining multifunction control simply and safely for all types of ship.

L01 with built in el-shaft system

L01 is a multifunction lever for azimuth, thruster and propulsion controls.
It is compact, rugged and combines multifunction control simply and safely for all types of ship.

  • The lever comes with software solutions and a built in TFT LCD digital display for position of the lever and feedback information from the ship’s systems. It also includes various parameter settings: FWD or AFT, CAN, alarm, display, networks, feedback etc.
  • Available capacitive touch switches on the display for menu operations and/or for custom functionality.
  • The lever is completed with integrated el motors and in house developed electronic shaft system. Hence, big expensive external boxes are now unneccesary.
  • The lever has new cost-effective force feedback solution that does not use electric motors.
  • 4-20 mA feedback signals enable new functionalities and use of a control lever. Actual andvisual position or value of selected ship systems may be visual on the 2, 4 TFT LCD display.This eliminates need for additional indicators.
  • Small touch-free magnetic sensors instead of potentiometers reduce needfor maintenance and enabling a more compact design. Redundant output is standard
  • The electronic L01 lever will communicate either via CANopen protocol or standardanalogue signals or a combination of both.
  • The capacitive touch switches may eliminate need for separate hardware switched on or near the lever.
  • Electronic detents and brake settings
  • Complementary user- and CANopen manuals available

Mechanical Version

  • L01 is available as azimuth, thruster and propulsion control lever with laser engraved and LED illuminated scale.
  • The new mechanics require only a minimum installation depth: Azimuth 98mm. Thruster/Prolusion 71mm.
  • L01 has redundant magnetic sensors on all axes.
picture shows a controller made by lilaas

Power Supply: 24V DC

Power supply  : 5V DC (sensors) mechanical version

Panel plate and housing: Coated aluminium

Handle: Aluminium and moulded Arnitel

Handle movement azimuth: +/- 60º and 360º

Handle movement thrust/propulsion: +/- 60ºScale: 2,4″ TC LCD display (with electronics)

Enclosure: IP66

Standard sensor Isolated analog output and backup output.: Magnetic 5V DC

Type approval L01: EN/IEC 60945, ABS, BV, DNV GL, KR, LR, NK, RINA, PRS, RS, CRS

Capacitive touch switches for custom functionality and menu operationsavailable on all electronic versions.

Options with electronics:- Display graphics- Digital isolated input- Force feedback- El motor- Integrated el-shaft system- Colours, logo

Options mechanical version:- Built-in switches- Mechanical detents- Limited deflection- Customized scale- El motor- Colours, Logo

Brochure L01