picture shows a boat driving in the ocean

The Lilaas thruster control (LTC) system is are liable system to remotely operate the thrusters from various control positions, such as forward bridge, aft bridge, bridge wings etc. The control can be taken bumpless from any control position at any time.

Lilaas thruster control is modular built to be extendable to any system. It is designed to work with any levers of choice and is capable of handling as many control positions as requested as well as being able to handle as many propulsion and thrusters units as needed.

LTC is easy to install and we provide technical support all the way from idea to a sailing ship. We have the markets largest selection of quality control levers. The system meets the demands and desires for all kinds of vessels and configurations.

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Some LTC highlights:

  • Modular
  • Adaptable to any vessel
  • High-quality-parts
  • Fuel saving
  • Compatible with future software functions
  • Redundant network
  • Interface to existing automation system
  • Interface to engine control

Compact modular IO units addresses extended need for I0. Optionally, the IO Units can be equipped with local touchscreens for emergency control of thruster/ propulsion and fault detection.

LTC may be installed in our slim-line console or in any standard or customized consoles .

LTC utilizes off the shelf certified products for automation. Easy installation and short commissioning time.

picture shows a ship beside a smaller boat

Lilaas LTC01 is a flexible modular thruster control system suitable for all vessel sizes

LTC Features:

  • LTC will display feedback information from the thruster/propulsion unit and the setpoint of the control lever.
  • Analogue/serial line interface to any thruster/automation system.
  • The setpoint of the Lever corresponds with the thruster power curve.
  • LTC can be delivered with the following modes: Joystick mode with auto-heading and dynamic positioning mode* (*future option).
  • Programmable button panels for trolling, warm-up, synchro-mode etc available as options.
picture shows an overview of tunnel thruster and controle cabinet

Interface to navigation equipment available.

Echosounder, Log, VHF/UHF radio, Radar(s), Satellite navigation, Gyro, MRU, Nav lights etc.to be displayed on conning display.

LTC may output all data in Ascii to VDR, included Lever set-point as well as Thruster/Propulsion feedback.

Communication with 3rd party equipment is available in any open serial line protocol or Ethernet.

Remote access available using cyber secure solutions like Open VPN, SSL/ TLS firewall ,IPSec, SSH etc.
Optional Remote operations from app.

LTC01 may be customized for any vessel configuration. A selection of Lilaas control levers to be used.
LTC are able to interface any thruster configuration and any numbers of control positions.

LTC will be installed by experienced engineers, ensuring all aspects of the system are installed and tested according to high quality standards.

A Lilaas Project Manager will ensure that the proper equipment will be installed as agreed upon.

LTC utilizes dual ethernet as a standard. CAN-bus between back-up sensor on each lever to thruster control as option. CAN-bus for simple and small systems available as option.

All controllers with dual power supplies including alarm for power failure.

LTC includes a multitude of interface protocols. All thruster, propulsion and rudder units on the market may be interfaced. Open serial line standards to be used .This enable interfacing of all analogue standards including our own actuators.

Alarm interface on serial line. Alarm interface on analogue signals. LED output for severity of alarm. Alarms available on separate alarm view. Alarms be displayed only when active.

LTC is able to interact with various automation systems, displaying data on the bridge screen. Data will be transferred between LTC and the automation system using serial line, analogue signals or ethernet.

picture shows two controllers made by lilaas

Lilaas Center Console

Compatible levers

picture shows a controller made by lilaas

L01 with display single / doublethruster / propulsion / azimuth

picture shows a controller made by lilaas

L01 flush-mounted single / doublemodular control levers.

picture shows two controllers made by lilaas

LF90 & LF120 - New design! Single / doublethruster and propulsion control levers.

picture shows a controller made by lilaas

L01 mechanical version. Single / doublethruster/ propulsion / azimuth.

picture shows a controller made by lilaas

LF70 azimuth control lever.Various options.

picture shows a joystick made by lilaas

L041 , 2 or 3 axis joystick with hall effect sensors.

Picture shows a thruster controle constructed by lilaas

LF80 mini wheel + LF150 for rudder control. Various options.