Experts on joysticks, control levers and precision mechanics

picture shows two controllers made by lilaas

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Lilaas has a range of MMIs, control levers and joysticks. They are one of the major actors within the fields of these products worldwide.

Markets for our precision mechanics are offshore, medicine, defence, space / satellite related industry.


Markets for our precision mechanics are offshore, medicine, defense, space / satellite related industry.

Lilaas AS is a high-tech production company with expertise in machining a wide range of materials, and assembling mechanics and electronics

picture shows a controller made by lilaas

L01 with built-in el-shaft system

Compact & rugged

It is compact, rugged and combines multifunction control simply and safely for all types of ship.

Software solutions

Built in TFT LCD digital display for positionof the lever and feedback information from the ship’s systems

Cost effective

New cost-effective force feedback solution that does not use electric motors.